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Student Career

I came to the University of Alaska from England in 1992. I worked on my Master's in seismology with Prof. Doug Christensen, studying large (M>7) historical earthquakes in Interior Alaska using modern body wave modeling techniques.

After completing my M.S. in 1995, I realized that I loved living in Alaska and I really enjoyed working with the people at the Geophysical Institute...so I decided to stay on and do a Ph.D.

I am now working with Prof. Jeff Freymueller using GPS to study crustal deformation.

My Ph.D. thesis 'Crustal Deformation in Alaska Measured Using the Global Positioning System' is available online

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Current Projects

1) GPS in Alaska

Interior Alaska

Southeast Alaska

Kenai Peninsula

2) GPS in Tibet

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Personal Information

Here are a few photos of some of my friends.........and one from my sister Heather's wedding to Tubbs in August 1997.

As of August 2000 I am a new aunt. Here are some photos of my niece, Libby.

As of September 2002 I am an aunt again - Libby has a sister Katie.

Check out these photos from Dorte and BJ's wedding (photos are from Steve Brunanski and Sarah Thornton)

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I am currently enjoying springtime skiing in Alaska. There is a large network of cross-country ski trails in Fairbanks...including one that goes right behind my house.  The Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks puts on some fun springtime races. Here are some photos from the Sonot Kkaazoot, a springtime ski race.

In the summer I enjoy sea-kayaking, hiking, canoeing, and berry-picking, and playing ultimate frisbee....but see what can happen in this dangerous sport....check out my BLACK EYE

I was recently in the Fairbanks Drama Association production 'All in the Timing', six one-act plays by David Ives.  I played Betty in 'Sure Thing' with Andrew Cassel as Bill.

Double and Tundra is the name of the best "Physics Folk Duo" in Fairbanks. They have just released an EXCELLENT CD (only $5 - send me an e-mail if you want a copy). Here is their CD cover. Check out their very own web page.

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Random Cool Links

New Scientist

World Cup Football (Soccer)

Discount Travel

The Telegraph

Contact Information

Phone numbers
Office: (907) 474-7309
Home: (907) 479-8695

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