Samik Sil

Master's student
University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Department Geology and Geophysics

Research Assistant
Geophysical Institute
Resume (word format)



Geophysical Institute (GI): I recentntly finished my master degree with Dr. Jeff Freymueller . My research involves explaining the water level anomalies observed in Alaska after the 2002 Nenana Mountain, The Denali fault and the 2004 Sumatra-Andaman earthquakes. I also studied the poroelastic deformation associated with the Denali earthquake. I shall start my PhD in the University of Texas at Austin from 2006 fall under Dr. Mrinal Sen.



University of Alaska, Fairbanks
M.S. Geophysics, 2003-2006

Indian School of Mines
M.Sc. Tech. Applied Geophysics, 1997-2000

University of Calcutta
B.S. Physics with Honours, 1994-1997


Sil, S.,and J.T. Freymueller, Well water level changes in Fairbank, Alaska, due to the great Sumatra-Andaman earthquake,  Earth Planets and Space,58,181-184, 2006. (PDF version)

Sil,S. and J. T. Freymueller, Response of Alaskan wells to near and far large earthquakes ,  AGU Chapman Coference, 2006. (Chapman Poster (ppt))

Sil,S., Response of Alaskan wells to near and distant large earthquakes ,  M.S. Thesis, University of Alaska Fairbanks, 83 pp., 2006. (M.S. Thesis (pdf))

Sil, S., and J.T. Freymueller, Poroelastic Deformation due to the November 2002 Denali earthquake , Eos Trns. AGU, 86(52) Fall Meet. Suppl., Abs, 2005. (AGU Poster 2005.ppt)

Basu, B., and S. Sil, Arsenic mapping for North 24-Pargana District of West Bengal using GIS and Remotesensing technology , Map India Proceedings, 2003. (MapIndia Paper 2003.pdf)


Samik Sil
Geophysical Institute
University of Alaska Fairbanks
903 Koyukuk Drive, P.O. Box 757320
Fairbanks, Alaska 99775-7320
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