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Climb higher, beyond the mouse...

Beyond the Mouse LAB 9: GMT 1

November 7, 9

Instructor: Jeff Freymueller

x7286 Elvey 413B jfreymueller@alaska.edu

TA: Shanshan Li

Last Updated: November 7, 2017

Due: Tuesday Nov 14 before class



Send me scripts/commands to produce three maps and at least one x-y plot. You're welcome to choose from the options I am giving below, or come up with your own maps, mapping your own datasets. If you plot your own data, send these as well!

Running the VirtualBox

Check here if you forgot how that works. Really. Go there if you forgot something.

Simple Plotting

Go to the presentations slides and find the slides that create the simple Alaska maps including coastline. Experiment with with the Alaska example and add your own data or your own favorit places. Make two different versions of the map with different things plotted and annotated. You can use pstext to add text annotation.

Now plot these data in an x-y-Plot (see lecture slide example, again)

You will create an output file in postscript format, and life will be easier if you end the filename with the extension .ps, for example map.ps. Use the program evince to view postscript files, for example evince map.ps.

Play with a prepared example

Reproduce E. Calais' Worldmap example

Dr. Jeffrey T. Freymueller
Professor of Geophysics
Geophysical Institute
University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Fairbanks, AK 99775-7320

jfreymueller -at- alaska.edu
Phone 907-474-7286
Fax 907-474-7290
Office 413B Elvey