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Beyond the Mouse Lecture 1: Thinking Programs

August 30

Instructor: Jeff Freymueller

x7286 Elvey 413B jfreymueller@alaska.edu

TA: Shanshan Li

Last Updated: August 27, 2017


thinking programs (pdf)

LAB 01

LAB: Organizing and Playing


For this lecture examples are the flowcharts given in the pdf. The few Matlab sources are available as tar.gz or zip archive.

Exercises (Due Thursday Aug 31):

1. aSend an email to sli11 <at> alaska <dot> edu, briefly summarize your background (which field are you working in, what OS's you use, programming experience, etc). Also welcome: pictures of cats and dogs, volcanoes, glaciers, et al.
1. b (Graduate students only). Give an outline for your class project. At this time a sketch of an idea is sufficient. We want you to start thinking about how this class can improve your daily routine or enable you to enrich your research with automation you would never have dreamed of. Feel free to go crazy with things you can come up with. We'll get you down to Earth to make sure that you're somewhere in the realistic realm for this semester. The project does not need to be something complete. If you want to use this class to make progress towards something that will help you with your research but is impossible to finish within a semester, don't worry. We can help you formulate your project in a way that will get you closer to your goal and give us something that will work.

If possible, attach a snapshot of your project directory (as it is right now) to this email. Do not include huge data files, I am mainly interested in your scripts (if you have some) and the ways you are processing your data right now. Give an explanation of your work flow (maybe even in the form of a flow chart). We will request another snapshot at the end of the semester and hope to see some improvement :).
1. cMake sure you can log in to the computer lab computers. You should be able to do so using your UA username and password. If not, give your username to Shanshan Li.
1. e Find bugs/problems in Class flow chart (explanation of flow chart symbols)

Dr. Jeffrey T. Freymueller
Professor of Geophysics
Geophysical Institute
University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Fairbanks, AK 99775-7320

jfreymueller -at- alaska.edu
Phone 907-474-7286
Fax 907-474-7290
Office 413B Elvey