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Recent Papers

Fournier et al. (2009): Tracking magma volume recovery at Okmok Volcano using GPS and an Unscented Kalman Filter [PDF]

Freymueller et al. (2008): Active deformation processes in Alaska, based on 15 years of GPS measurements [PDF]

Research in Geodesy

This page covers the more purely geodetic aspects of my research, into techniques for positioning, geodetic reference frames, and similar topics.

My compilation of survey ties for ancient (early 1990s) GPS sites is a work in progress. This is useful for augmenting the ITRF to include some of the old sites co-located with current ITRF sites.

Download my paper on the impact of seasonal height variations on the realization of geodetic reference frames. This paper was presented at the GRF2006 conference in Munich (October 2006), and finally appeared in the conference proceedings volume in 2009.

SNARF (Stable North America Reference Frame) material to come.

More information about the work done using InSAR at UAF (mainly by Dr. Franz Meyer) is at HERE