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Software for Download

Software that I have written (or written with my students) is available for download and use by others. I wrote the programs PhasEdit (for editing GPS raw data), and ClockPrep (for correcting observations in RINEX files to make them consisent with the GIPSY software).

Note: both of these software packages have not seen any development in a long time.


The PhasEdit code can be downloaded by ftp here.


The ClockPrep code can be downloaded by ftp here.

ClockPrep used to be needed to process any data file from certain receivers with the GIPSY software (all Trimbles, older Ashtechs). Any receiver that dealt with clock drift by applying 1 millisecond sampling offsets needs ClockPrep. However, a few years ago Lou Estey added the "+smtt" option to teqc, and ClockPrep is no longer needed for files converted to RINEX using that option, because the observable adjustments CLockPrep makes are made already by teqc. Running teqc +smtt is better than running teqc without +smtt and then running ClockPrep afterward, although both approaches work equally well for most files, except for multi-day data files or files with sampling rates faster than 1 Hz.